Abstract Palette Knife Painting How to tutorial and time lapse videos!

img_7995Hi guys! It’s been a while because I’m horrible at keeping up with all these different social media options! But I have a treat for you 😊

I’ve finally made a video of my painting process! Yep! I did it! And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I painted this boho pig for a client and caught it all on camera! I have a time lapsed version that’s only a little over 4 minutes long so you can watch the whole thing unfold from start to finish. This is how I like it because my attention span is ridiculously short.

Click here to watch

Then I made a full length tutorial video so you can follow along in real time and even paint along with me! I’m the next Bob Ross! πŸ˜†

Click here for the full length tutorial

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Happy painting friends!




It’s been a long time since I wrote something for my blog. Since March to be exact! Sorry!

I last posted about how I started painting as a new creative outlet since closing my clothing business. Well this new hobby has taken me to a whole new world these past several months!

I have spent my days painting, loving on my family, and keeping my house from falling apart. Β I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this new adventure has been. I have been commissioned by countless people to paint custom artwork for them as well as selling my original paintings. I have painted people, churches, barns, houses, flowers, farm animals, dog and cat portraits and even someone’s chameleon!

Creating art isn’t the same as when I designed clothes. You only wear an article of clothing a handful of times, before throwing it out the next season. What I am creating now is so much more meaningful. Artwork touches the heart and can bring so much joy. It reminds us of the past, can help us hang on to the present and can push us forward into the future.

Remembering a special day gone by.

Holding on to the joy this little dog brings to the present http://www.lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.com

Keepsake of the new farmhouse built to live out their future.

My favorite part of this new journey has been hearing WHY someone loves and relates to a piece of my work or WHY they want me to create a custom piece for them.

I am thankful for the Lord directing me in this new path and for the community embracing me and my new found passion. I have met so many wonderful people and have had doors open I didn’t know existed. More on that another time…

I’m grateful and thankful for this wonderful life.

Created to create…a new chapter in my life.

Do you ever get so excited about a hobby that you become obsessed and want to do it every day?!? That’s me with just about everything I do in life. I get obsessed with researching, crafting, creating, building, making, designing and you name it!

When my 11 yr old daughter was just a baby I decided to start designing and sewing her clothes. I became obsessed and kept making and creating until she had more than she could ever wear! Because of my obsession it turned into a full blown business where I had my own children’s clothing line that I sold to over 150 boutiques all over the USA! What a rollercoaster that was!

A little over a year ago I closed my business. Since then I’m back home and I’ve been able to spend more time with my kids which has been wonderful! As much as I enjoy fashion and designing clothes, I have thoroughly enjoyed being home again and have adopted a new creative obsession! 


Daily painting sessions has become the norm in my home and my children enjoy getting to be creative as well.  I love sitting down at the table with a paintbrush in hand and my littles being creative right there with me with their paint covered fingers and gloppy, gooey covered canvases. Since I began painting I have had wonderful response and have been commissioned to create several custom pieces for others! It wasn’t something I was looking for in the beginning because it was truly just a creative outlet and enjoyable time with my kiddos. I have been so surprised and encouraged by the support I have received and feel blessed to share my work with others. God took me from an obsession and a world of fashion that led me out of the home and away from my kids more than I ever meant to be and has brought me back home and given me a creative outlet we all can enjoy together as a family. I know God wants me home with my children and this is exactly where I want to be. I also know He built me in such a way that I have a deep desire to create and create I shall! So although a door was closed in one chapter of my life a new one has been opened and it’s beautiful! 

Don’t take life for granted! Live, love and laugh! 

To check out available artwork go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BohoDreamerStudio

Or interested in custom art send me a message here or through my Etsy shop! 
Oh, and be sure to find me on Instagram: BohoDreamerStudio

To busy moms… Go a little farther with the Lord this year.

During the Wednesday night church service our pastor led us to a Bible verse in Matthew 26:39. He wants to place an emphasis on it for 2017 and I am right there with him.

Matthew 26:39 reads, “And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying,  O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Remember where it said “He went a little farther”

I want to go a little farther. I want to push a little harder in building my relationship with God this year, don’t you?

 As important as I know spending time with the Lord is each day, it can sometimes be an exhausting pursuit for a mom of 5. Who’s with me? 

I have a pretty regular, morning routine of waking up early to read my Bible, my daily devotional “Streams in the Desert” (An amazing devotion I highly recommend), and then prayer time.  However, many times it is interrupted with my children waking up and the immediate hustle and bustle that brings. 

How can I go farther with God as a busy mom? 

The Lord answered this for me last night.

The Bible says,”he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed”

A light bulb in my soul came on! This is so often where I fail. I start my day reading Gods word, but many times I fall short of the fervent, on my face, praying we read about in Matthew 26:39. Instead, my prayers are quick and silent as I scurry around the kitchen preparing breakfast and getting kids ready for school. I try to break away to pray in a deeper, more focused way, but it doesn’t always happen. It finally occurred to me that a simple rearranging of my quiet time with God could change all that.

This morning I STARTED in prayer. Before my littles ever had a chance to wake up, I was on my knees before God. Just as I was saying Amen I heard a bedroom door crack open and little pitter pattering feet came running out. 

This may not be the case for everyone, but it’s easier for me to read my Bible with chaos around me, than it is to pray fervently. At least while I am reading, my eyes are open and I can make sure my little acrobats aren’t hanging from the ceiling fans. While my children ate breakfast I was able to read my Bible and devotional. Now most of them are playing quietly upstairs while my youngest sits here beside me.

I’m sure this small change to my morning routine isn’t failproof or perfect but I believe this will allow me to pray as Jesus prayed more frequently than not. I want to live my life looking to Jesus as my example and if He falls to his face to pray, that’s what I want to do too. 

Moms out there, this is for you. We have a big job in front of us and a great responsibility God has given us. Don’t let the demands of being a mother keep you from going farther with the Lord this year. It is hard to make time to pray and read the Bible, but if it is truly your desire to follow God he will make a way even in the chaos. The Lord sees our struggles and sometimes the momma struggle is REAL,  but don’t let it take away from what’s most important….our relationship to our creator, father, and savior Jesus Christ.

Go a little farther…. What’s the next step in your walk with God this year? 

God Speed to all you Christian mommas out there!

Faux Shiplap DIY for less than $80!

We all are in love with the hit home renovation series “Fixer Upper” on HGTV aren’t we? Joanna Gaines has made shiplap a must have. I’ve been dreaming about how to incorporate it into my home and finally came to a decision. I decided to create this look in my dining room to give a more casual feel to the space and a relaxed eating experience for our family. We haven’t used our dining room much because it just seemed so dark and uninviting. Instead we have eaten the majority of our meals at our breakfast bar. 

Here is a picture of our dining room before the shiplap makeover:Pretty dark, generic, and uninviting huh? I’ve kinda neglected this room for a while now, but not anymore!

 I love the look of shiplap and wanted to use it, but there were two problems.

1. Too expensive! I have a hard time forking over lots of money for my home remodeling projects and decor when I can create the same look for a fraction of the cost myself.

2. My dining room already had crown molding and a chair rail. I did not want the added work or expense of removing these in order to get the look I wanted. True shiplap is too thick and it would not have lined up properly with my existing molding. 

So here is what I did instead:
I went to my local hardware store (Lowes to be exact) and purchased 3 sheets of 5mm plywood.

I had the nice guys at Lowe’s rip the boards for me into 6 inch pieces. This is a free service and saved me tons of time.

When I got home I sanded all of the edges to make sure they were nice and smooth. 

Now I was ready to prepare my walls for installation. I wanted to be sure the boards were very secure while using as few nails as possible so I wanted to make sure I nailed into the studs. I got out my stud finder, level and pencil and got to work. I marked each of my studs like this so I could find them easily as I installed my boards. 

I used my portable nail gun to make the job easier. A good ole hammer and nails would do the trick also. I started at the bottom and worked my way up using nickels as spacers between the boards. Make sure you use some sort of spacer so that once you paint the boards the lines are not lost and you get the desired look of shiplap. 


TIP: if your walls are painted any color other than tan, gray or white I would recommend painting the wall before installing your faux shiplap so you don’t see a bright color shining through the cracks. The dark tan color of my walls worked in my favor because it made the lines nice and prominent, just the way I wanted.

 I cut my boards to the appropriate length using a measuring tape and a miter saw. I tried being an expert craftsmen and cutting the L-shape around the window but it didn’t work quite the way I had hoped. I cut the board straight instead and installed a separate board to complete the vacant space under the window. It still looks very nice and made things easier on a DIY momma like me. 😜

 See how I used the nickels as spacers… They worked perfectly!
 When I got to this point I realized my 6 inch board was not going to fit the vacant space under my chair rail molding. I had to rip my boards down to 4.25 inches. My husband taught me how to use the table saw so I was able to do this by myself. Thanks Babe! 😘

Next up: Caulking After all of my boards were installed it was time to do some caulking in the corners and around the molding to create a seamless finish. 

TIP: Very Important! Use paintable caulking so your paint will adhere to it!! 

As you go along smooth the caulk out with your finger so it’s even and smooth. Keep a rag with you to wipe your fingers off. ✌🏼 I had a dry one and a wet one just in case. I ended up using them both because I got a little messy. 😬 

Here it is caulked and ready for paint! 🎨 It took four coats of paint because the wood absorbed quite a bit, but I still had paint left over since I only took the shiplap halfway up the walls. 

Drum roll pleeeease……Faux shiplap complete!!!

What do you think?!?!

This project cost right under $80. About $14 per sheet of 5mm plywood and $36 for a gallon of paint and a tube of caulk. I didn’t have to remove any molding and it took just a couple of days to complete! The room is so much brighter and I see my family actually using this room for mealtime rather than stacked up on bar stools in the kitchen.

What you need for this project:

  • 5mm plywood 
  • Paintable caulk 
  • Level                                                 
  • Stud finder                                     
  • Pencil                                     
  • Measuring tape                                         
  • Nickels for spacers 
  • Nail gun and nails                        
  • Miter saw & maybe table saw                                        
  • Paint                                                       
  • Rags

Let me know if you decide to faux shiplap your home! I’d love to see how your project turns out. 😊


Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal…

This room reveal has been on my to do list for quite some time now! It always seemed I was missing one little extra “something” to finish it off and then keeping the room clean enough for a photo shoot was another story….

These black woven throws were one of the last items I found. Scored at Southeastern Salvage for $10 each! I also picked up these laundry totes while I was there. They make a great toy bin!

The boys room is the bonus room over our garage so it’s ginormous! I created a little sitting area along this wall. For some reason they think that the leather chair is the laundry basket and I keep finding piles of clothes in it. 😳 I made sure to clean that up first….

This is a dresser I refinished with an Aztec print. You can read more about it in a previous blog post I wrote about painting patterns on furniture!

So here was another empty corner of the room that turned into a sweet little school room display! During play time this desk ends up being the teachers desk and the littles sit at the art table in the center of the room as students. πŸ€“

When I found these beds at a local thrift store they were a shiny not so pretty honey color wood, but they were CHEAP! I think I paid maybe $20-$25 each!  I refinished them and added a little personalization by stenciling the first letter of their name and birthdate on their bed for an old cargo box feel.

Just a close up of Mr. Pups because he’s cute!

I especially love the tree branch I was able to use as a curtain rod! FREE and oh so cute!!

Here is another shot of the school corner.

The burnt orange accent wall turned out perfect! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

My sweet little man was hanging out under here during the quick photo shoot. πŸ˜† It works!
My daughter enjoys playing in brother’s room just as much as he does! These 2 are a hoot and keep me busy while the big kids are at school! I’m so blessed ❀️

Just so you can see the difference here is a picture of the beds before I refinished them.

And look at them now! Perfect!

And check out this dresser before I painted it! U..G..L..Y…in my humble opinion. 😳
Whew! What a difference!

So, I am super pleased with how everything turned out. What do you think?!?!


Let’s get real shall we? Not every DIY project we try turns out the way we expect. This week I have experienced 2 DIY fails! Waaah!!! Oh well, I learned some good lessons that’s for sure!

1. DIY FAIL: liquid hand soap 

Yes, I thought I would try my hand at being frugal and health conscience by making my own natural, liquid hand soap. I got the idea and inspiration from a book I was reading a couple months ago.

This book has been pretty insightful for a homesteading wannabe like me. It is literally full of all sorts of information on living a self sustainable lifestyle. My great grandmother owned an original copy of this book that my sister inherited. She recommended I buy a copy to keep on hand, so I did!

Fact: I have pinned all sorts of self sustaining/ off the grid living/ prepping ideas on Pinterest over the past several months, but what good is Pinterest going to do me if something really happens? I seriously doubt I’ll have access to the Internet. Too funny! So anyways, this book is my go to guide in times of trouble or when I feel like playing Little House on the Prairie again. Hey, we own chickens and I’ve learned to can successfully, so I’m not a lost cause…

Back to making soap:

Here is the underlined scoop on how to make you own liquid soap from pure/natural bar soap according to the Encyclopedia of Country Living.

I made sure to research other people’s experiences with doing this exact thing and it seemed like it was working! I dove in and shaved down 6 to 8 bars of Ivory soap so I was sure to have a long-lasting supply of my own liquid soap. There are 7 peeps in my family so I didn’t want to run out to quickly.

I added my boiling water and watched it melt down and liquefy just like I read about. I ended up having to add quite a bit more water than the book called for but after several hours of cooking on the stove top it was at the perfect consistency. I was so excited and felt like a true homesteading mama! LOL!!

This was a couple of months ago now. As time has gone by I’ve noticed my hand soap has not been pumping out of the dispenser as well as it did in the beginning. It was beginning to separate and all I was pumping was water with maybe a tinge of soap. 

This is what it looks like today when I opened the soap dispenser. A firm glob of goo with some stab wounds  from my attempts of getting another squirt of soap.


I guess I could scrape all the goo out of all 4 jars and plop them back in a pot to add more boiling water. This would thin it back out I assume, but would it firm back up over time? I may give it a try, but  for now let’s call it a DIY FAIL and move on. 

2. Hand Painted Christmas Pillows

I have been seeing all of these beautiful, country vintage looking pillows for Christmas, but rather than spend the money I thought I would make them myself. (The image above was my inspiration, not my DIY fail)

I wanted to make these for my front porch and was feeling lazy so rather than sewing pillowcase covers I decided to do the no sew version. This wasn’t where I failed however….

I wrapped my pillows first and then decided to paint them. Why I did it in that order I’m not sure but this still wasn’t where I failed….

I grabbed my paint, paint brushes, a paper plate to use as my pallete, letter stencil and then I went to town! (Not my finest work, but whatevs)

All was going well enough so I whipped out two pillows within an hour…

They weren’t perfect but they were good enough for me and FREE!

I thought after I let them dry I would attempt taking light sandpaper to them to give a more distressed look. I’ve never done that on fabric nor did I ever get the opportunity to try it out because my paint NEVER DRIED!!! That’s right, the next day the paint was still WET!!

I went to clean up all of my letter stencils thinking they would be dry by now for sure. I touched where the red paint was and it came off on my fingers! It felt like oil pastels!

 I went outside to check on my pillows and sure enough they were wet as well!

I had grabbed my jar of water mixable oil paints instead of the acrylics! Apparently they never completely dry!! 

I can’t have paint rubbing off on our clothes from a pillow sooooo….woa, woa, woa….DIY FAIL number 2!! 

Looking on the bright side, at least I didn’t spend the time sewing up the pillowcase covers!

Lesson learned! I may try it again using the correct paint next time….Oh well!

Anyone have a DIY FAIL they aren’t too ashamed to share?

Merry Christmas!!

Painting Patterns on Furniture…

Refinishing furniture is one of my favorite things to do. I have worked on numerous pieces over the years, but I would say painting bohemian/tribal prints on different types of furniture has been the most fun.

I first saw this done on a chest of drawers on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to try it! A very talented lady from www.Howdy-Honey.com refinished this piece. A girl after my own heart!

Here is the version I created for my son’s bedroom. After it turned out so beautifully I knew I was hooked!

I found my next piece of furniture to tackle with a similar style, which happened to be a dresser that had been sitting in my garage for years. I never cared for this dresser, so it sat, pushed aside with no use other than to take up space. I’m so glad I gave it a chance rather than going out and buying a different piece to complete my boys’ bedroom.

I forgot to take a before pic, but just imagine this image without the blue painters tape all over it and with round, wooden knobs….. To get started, I took off all the knobs and then taped off the design I wanted with painters tape. I had to use a ruler and do some good measuring to make sure my pattern fit properly and my angles were consistent.

The first piece I painted with the tribal pattern was raw wood with black so I knew I wanted to make this piece a little different. I mixed it up a bit by using  grey and black on the raw wood. I decided not to paint the top of the dresser because my boys are rough on furniture and I didn’t want it to get all scratched up.  

After I finished painting, I distressed it a  little and added knew knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.

I am so happy with how it turned out!

My next furniture tackle was a chair I had bought at a yard sale for $10. I purchased it to complete the office makeover I did for the One Room Challenge hosted by www.CallingItHome.com with media partner House Beautiful magazine. This is the side of the chair where I decided to give painting patterns another go.

Just like the dresser, I taped it off to be sure I had straight and accurate lines and angles. Then I painted it with a creamy white chalk paint.

Here is a close up of the finished product after I painted the wood frame of the chair and sanded everything down to give it an aged look.

The pattern painting didn’t end there. I scored this old, wooden curio wall shelf for $1 at a yard sale and decided to liven it up. I painted it with a coat of Fuchsia spray paint I had left over from another project. This took no time at all and was so much easier than trying to brush on paint in all those little cubicles. As if Fuchsia wasn’t bold enough, I had to add the boho pattern to it as well. I free handed this with a white paint pen. Paint pens are my new best friend.

So now this little beauty hangs in my craft nook as my personal glitter holder!

Don’t be scared to step outside the box and take your creativity to the next level! I hope these pieces inspired you to  painting a pattern of your own.

Be bold and dreamers keep on dreaming….


Taking a step back and reflecting on the goodness of God….

Giving God glory is always appropriate no matter what time of year it is, but I think even more so during this Thanksgiving season. 

I have spent alot of time reflecting on where I’ve been, where I am now and praying about where Gods taking me. God has done an amazing work in my heart over the past year and a half and the journey I have been on has taught me so much about the character of God and has strengthened my relationship with Him.

About 18 months ago is when one of the largest trials I have been through began. I was on the verge of making a decision that would have changed the course of my family’s life, but instead God was merciful, hedged up my way, turned it all around and led us to where We are today.

After this initial decision, God was moving in my heart in a huge way. The Lord was drawing me closer and closer to him. When I thought I had reached a good place in my relationship with the Lord, little did I know another trial was about to begin. 

A year ago this month, Cyber criminals infiltrated into my wholesale clothing business and took everything from me that I had worked so hard to build. I had designed a children’s clothing line and sold wholesale to over 150 boutiques throughout the US. I had gone from a home based, one woman business to bringing on multiple employees and contracting out other companies for manufacturing. God had been blessing! 


It all came to a screeching halt. The type of crime that was committed against me was not covered by insurance and I was left with nothing but debt. I knew that not only was my business over but our personal financial situation as a family was in jeopardy as well. That thought made my whole body ache because I felt responsible for what had happened. 

I must admit that I had already been praying about the Lord’s will for my business and felt as though he was telling me to close the doors, but I doubted what I heard thinking,  “how could this be God’s will?” I decided to move forward with one more season while I continued to ask the Lord for confirmation. It was during this season that the cyber infiltration and crime happened. I often think that if I had obeyed the Lord when I heard him speak the first time none of this would have happened, but I allowed doubt to determine my decision. As hard as it is to believe, I feel that God allowed this crime against my business to force me to close the doors since I didn’t do it on my own. 

I don’t blame God for what happened,  but have learned a big lesson from it. When you hear God, OBEY IMMEDIATELY!

 After it all happened I spent hours every day praying and begging God to perform a miracle and return to us what was taken. I was ok with my business being over and knew that was God’s will, but the personal financial burden this put my family in was crushing. I was reading my Bible more than ever and my faith was strong. I expected God to move immediately and looked every day for that miracle. It wasn’t coming and I struggled through what I thought was unanswered prayer and lack of faith on my part. My prayers continued, and my walk with God deepened. As God revealed himself to me and worked in my heart in a deeper way my prayers changed. They went from begging for deliverance to being settled and content in knowing that our lives may never be the same again.  I was now at peace knowing that God had chosen this for us. He gave me my business and our personal financial security and He could take it away if He saw fit. I knew He had a greater purpose in it all and in time we would see.

It’s been a year now and all though there has not been a financial miracle God has used this trial in so many ways. He has continued to  provide for our needs, He has continued to strengthen my faith, my family, my marriage and has made himself so real to us.

My 10 yr old daughter has received the Lord as her savior and our children have been able to witness the changes the Lord has made in our home. As a family we are walking closer to God.

It’s true that trials in life can be some of the sweetest times in life. It’s never easy, but well worth it. The Bible says in Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”

We are still in the fire and don’t see an end in sight, but God is faithful. I wouldn’t trade this past year and a half for anything. 


“Be still and Know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Eph. 3:20-21

Job lost EVERYTHING, but remained faithful and God gave it all back and more. David lost EVERYTHING in Ziklag, but God allowed him to “recover all”.            1 Samuel 30:18

The Lord is encouraging my heart daily to trust Him. 

Even though my life has been filled with ups and downs God has remained faithful. He has never let me wander too far from his reach and just as a father picks up his child when they fall he has done the same for me. 

The Bible says God is our Heavenly Father if we have trusted in Jesus Christ to save us and forgive us of our sins. We are the children of God.

 He LOVES us unconditionally and knows what’s BEST for us. He has wisdom and knowledge that we don’t have, but yet he allows us to make our own decisions. He knows when we haven’t made the best choices in life, but allows us to LEARN from those mistakes. If we get too far off course He WILL pull us back. If we ask for his guidance and help He WILL guide us. He doesn’t force himself on us, but allows us to come to him ANYTIME we want or need. He desires to GIVE us good gifts and desires to BLESS our lives, but only when He KNOWS we are ready for it. He craves OUR love and devotion. God is the ULTIMATE father!

Give God the glory and recognition He deserves. Let him work in your life. Be sensitive to His leading. Be thankful. 

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving. 

ORC REVEAL DAY!!! Office makeover…

Today is the day that these past 6 weeks have been leading up to! Well, for me it was all squeezed into 3 weeks, but nonetheless here we are! dsc_0091Have a seat and stay a while in this faux fur covered antique couch I reupholstered (as a first time reupholstering project). How about all these jewel tones, texture and sparkle?!?! I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, even though there were times I was thinking “What have I done!!!….But I was able to work out all of the kinks and mistakes along the way and it turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for.


dsc_0121My sweet babies have been so good working along side me while I worked on this office project so of course I gave them their own work desk!

dsc_0140All of the patterned pillows I made form scrap fabric and/or clothing I found at yard sales. The black pillow and the neon sequins pillow were mini skirts I found dirt cheap and re-purposed them. The green floral was an XL blouse re-purposed and the striped and green sequins one was made from scraps I had laying around the house. The blue velvet ones were purchased πŸ˜‰

dsc_0132dsc_0143The wood framed upper pictures came from a yard sale for $1 each! They are beautiful and true antiques. The brass plates I scattered around the room were also yard sale finds for $1 each.

dsc_0133The brass lanterns as I shared last week were yard sale finds for $7.50 each and I added the pink beads from a necklace I found at a yard sale for $1 as well!

dsc_0057The draped blanket is actually a piece of lace fabric I had stashed away…. Layered brass plates on the antique wood crate/coffee table were picked up at a yard sale for $1 each.

dsc_0113I searched and searched for a rug and was bummed I wasn’t able to find one…..soooo what does this girl do!?! I made one myself! This fuchsia upholstery weight fabric is a textured velour and I added the gold and black ribbon trim and fringe to dress it up and add some needed length. The tree bag I picked up at a local salvage store for $10.

dsc_0122dsc_0096This bookshelf project was so much fun and created a huge statement! The pink pot on top was an old piece we had in the old office so I just spray painted it so I could use it in the new design. Lots of my other bookcase goodies came from estate sales, yard sales or flea markets. The books were all ours and just put back on the shelf a new way…(backwards)

dsc_0024It took a while to decide what to do with the filing cabinet….I actually just finished it today after realizing I had just enough fabric left over from the wall hanging to use to cover it. The trash can was a last minute craft project as well. I gathered all my laceΒ  and fringe and started gluing! Very boho I must say.

dsc_0014This lamp base was a yard sale find for $6 and I made the crystal covered lamp shade a while ago and was so excited to realize the two items were a perfect match! The memo board was something we already owned, but I covered it with some lace to make it fit the room. (same lace that is draped as a blanket on the sofa)

dsc_0109Who doesn’t love cotton?!?dsc_0041This chair was a yard sale find for $10! I left the upholstery after deciding to use the fabric I purchased for it as a rug instead πŸ˜‰ Sooo, instead I painted the wood and distressed it, then I painted the design on the sides of the chair.

dsc_0047dsc_0015-copyPainting this desk green made the room so much brighter! The black backing is a chalk board now!


dsc_0084Can’t have an office/hang out room without a chess table!

dsc_0019Here is the precious little table I pulled out of storage and found this amazing little stool that matched perfectly! My daughter loves her new work station!

dsc_0116So here it is from the catwalk! Finally ready to relax and take it all in!




Thanks for following along on my journey! I hope you enjoyed checking out my new boho inspired office!

This project was done on a shoe string budget and full of DIY’s and craft projects to make it just right. After totaling everything up I spent less than $500 remodeling this room and it is FULL of color and texture and awesomeness!

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