ORC REVEAL DAY!!! Office makeover…

Today is the day that these past 6 weeks have been leading up to! Well, for me it was all squeezed into 3 weeks, but nonetheless here we are! dsc_0091Have a seat and stay a while in this faux fur covered antique couch I reupholstered (as a first time reupholstering project). How about all these jewel tones, texture and sparkle?!?! I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, even though there were times I was thinking “What have I done!!!….But I was able to work out all of the kinks and mistakes along the way and it turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for.


dsc_0121My sweet babies have been so good working along side me while I worked on this office project so of course I gave them their own work desk!

dsc_0140All of the patterned pillows I made form scrap fabric and/or clothing I found at yard sales. The black pillow and the neon sequins pillow were mini skirts I found dirt cheap and re-purposed them. The green floral was an XL blouse re-purposed and the striped and green sequins one was made from scraps I had laying around the house. The blue velvet ones were purchased 😉

dsc_0132dsc_0143The wood framed upper pictures came from a yard sale for $1 each! They are beautiful and true antiques. The brass plates I scattered around the room were also yard sale finds for $1 each.

dsc_0133The brass lanterns as I shared last week were yard sale finds for $7.50 each and I added the pink beads from a necklace I found at a yard sale for $1 as well!

dsc_0057The draped blanket is actually a piece of lace fabric I had stashed away…. Layered brass plates on the antique wood crate/coffee table were picked up at a yard sale for $1 each.

dsc_0113I searched and searched for a rug and was bummed I wasn’t able to find one…..soooo what does this girl do!?! I made one myself! This fuchsia upholstery weight fabric is a textured velour and I added the gold and black ribbon trim and fringe to dress it up and add some needed length. The tree bag I picked up at a local salvage store for $10.

dsc_0122dsc_0096This bookshelf project was so much fun and created a huge statement! The pink pot on top was an old piece we had in the old office so I just spray painted it so I could use it in the new design. Lots of my other bookcase goodies came from estate sales, yard sales or flea markets. The books were all ours and just put back on the shelf a new way…(backwards)

dsc_0024It took a while to decide what to do with the filing cabinet….I actually just finished it today after realizing I had just enough fabric left over from the wall hanging to use to cover it. The trash can was a last minute craft project as well. I gathered all my lace  and fringe and started gluing! Very boho I must say.

dsc_0014This lamp base was a yard sale find for $6 and I made the crystal covered lamp shade a while ago and was so excited to realize the two items were a perfect match! The memo board was something we already owned, but I covered it with some lace to make it fit the room. (same lace that is draped as a blanket on the sofa)

dsc_0109Who doesn’t love cotton?!?dsc_0041This chair was a yard sale find for $10! I left the upholstery after deciding to use the fabric I purchased for it as a rug instead 😉 Sooo, instead I painted the wood and distressed it, then I painted the design on the sides of the chair.

dsc_0047dsc_0015-copyPainting this desk green made the room so much brighter! The black backing is a chalk board now!


dsc_0084Can’t have an office/hang out room without a chess table!

dsc_0019Here is the precious little table I pulled out of storage and found this amazing little stool that matched perfectly! My daughter loves her new work station!

dsc_0116So here it is from the catwalk! Finally ready to relax and take it all in!




Thanks for following along on my journey! I hope you enjoyed checking out my new boho inspired office!

This project was done on a shoe string budget and full of DIY’s and craft projects to make it just right. After totaling everything up I spent less than $500 remodeling this room and it is FULL of color and texture and awesomeness!

To see all the other great designers and their spaces be sure to follow the link below:


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